Sew a Summer Kuspuk – Online Class

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Sew a Summer Kuspuk – Online Class

Class Overview:
Michelle will demonstrate how to sew two different styles of kuspuks – the kuspuk with the skirt and the kuspuk without the skirt. This beginner level class provides detailed instruction, explanation and demonstration on how to sew the Alaskan Patterns Kuspuk Pattern by Lois. The easy to sew kuspuk includes variations in style and trim so that each kuspuk becomes a unique individual garment.

Skill Level: Intermediate

This Class Includes:
• 5 hours of Video Instruction (Broken down into 5 Sessions)
• Downloadable Class Resources:
1. Printable Class Supply List
2. Sample Pattern Layout for all the Kuspuk Sizes
3. Special Cutting Notes
4. Box Pleat Measurement Instructions and Diagrams for all the Kuspuk sizes

Lesson Breakdown:
1. Introduction, Choosing Materials, Pattern Layout, Cutting Instructions
Michelle begins the class with a brief history of the kuspuk and a brief description of the Alaskan Patterns Kuspuk Pattern designed by Lois Tapp. She then explains how to select the pattern size, how to choose fabrics and sewing notions, as well as the tools needed for sewing. She also demonstrates how to layout the patterns on both solid and print fabrics. Learn how to cut out material on directional print fabric.
2. Sew Braid or Trim to the Cuffs and Pockets, Attach Cuffs to Sleeves and Assemble the Pockets
Michelle demonstrates how to sew trim to the cuffs and pockets, how to assemble the pockets and demonstrates two different ways to attach the cuff to the sleeve. Learn how to sew in an inverted box pleat and learn how to sew a gathered stitch.
3. Insert a Neckline Zipper, Attach Pocket to the Front, Sew Shoulder Seams
Michelle demonstrates an easy method of basting and sewing in a neckline zipper. She also demonstrates how to sew the pocket to the front and how to sew the shoulder seams.
4. Set in Sleeves, Sew Braid or Trim to the Hood, Attach Hood Pieces and Sew the Hood to the Neckline
Michelle demonstrates how to set in the sleeve and how to sew down the sleeve as well as the sides. She also demonstrates how to sew braid or trim to the hood, how to attach the hood pieces and how to sew the hood to the neckline of the garment. Learn how to sew a blind hem stitch with the hand needle and how to stitch in the ditch.
5. Assemble and Attach the Flounce to the Garment, Sew Trim around top of Kuspuk Flounce, Hem bottom edge of Kuspuk
Michelle demonstrates how to assemble the flounce panel pieces and how to attach the flounce to the garment. She finishes the kuspuk by hemming the bottom edge of the kuspuk. Learn how sew box pleats along the flounce, how to gather the flounce and how to sew a blind hem stitch with the sewing machine.